1. yoga class in wanderlust Paris with Lolë
  2. yoga class on the roof of the restaurant Maison Blanche Paris
  3. organizer of 5 yoga retreats in Greece (Naxos and Paros)
  4. yoga class in the peninsula hotel Paris with Nubio
  5. yoga class in NYC with laughing lotus, Harlem yoga studio
  6. yoga class on the roof of the printemps Haussmann Paris with Nubio
  7. yoga class for the opening of the first showroom lululemon in Paris
  8. yoga classes for the professional feminine team of handball Issy Les Moulineaux
  9. yoga class on a boat Canal de l’ourcq
  10. yoga class at the yoga festival in Paris
  11. beach yoga class at the Majestic for Lululemon Cannes
  12. yoga class for the summer school at Sciences Po Paris

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